Sunday, March 30, 2008

Have I lost my mind?

Those of you who know me personally know that I am a little bit of a coffee snob. I try not to force my views on others, but I just don't stand for bad coffee. I realize if all you've ever had is foldgers then there may be no reason for you to ever upgrade. It will at least save you some money. It's like if all you've ever driven is a 1987 Honda Civic and it still runs, why upgrade to a BMW? I purchase my beans from local Nashville roaster Bongo Java (at this point Starbucks isn't even good enough any more), and that's pretty much all I drink. It seems to me that Americans, although somewhat late, are starting to learn the value of good coffee. Case in point Starbucks recent mysterious afternoon closing, and falling off of customer base. They've realized that as a major American company they have been responsible for broadcasting the coffee culture from coast to coast. And now we've learned that there is better coffee out there. Coffee like Bongo Java's. So when McDonald's began their ads for their new Iced Coffee, I simply laughed. Ok when did Starbucks begin popping up on every corner? About ten years ago! Maybe 7-8 if you live in a rural area. I couldn't believe how stupid this seemed. As if in a McDonald's board meeting this summer, some executive realized, "Hey you know people seem to want better coffee these days. Maybe we should do something about that." Or maybe they've been building this drink in the McLaboratory since the year 2000. Maybe that coffee lab was the only thing affected by the Y2K bug. I don't know, but what I do know is that I broke down and tried it. No less than 2 hours ago, and I'm somewhat ashamed to say... I really liked it. Have I lost my mind?


Anonymous said...

I tried one of these a few weeks ago and it was WAY too milky, but I think that if they had put more coffee in there, it might have been ok.

In other words, mark me in the "Undecided" category.


Alex Pearson said...

It's definitely not a deluxe coffee drink, and if you are a true coffee purist this is probably not for you. However it is tasty. It's like the DiGiorno of coffee drinks.

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