Sunday, October 21, 2007

Milligan Massage

Wow... tomorrow it will be a whole week already. Hard to believe. Oh well, so far so good. I just thought for all 5 of my loyal readers I would toss up my first finished project (since going freelance).

This is a logo I designed for a friend who is in a similar boat as myself. She just recently decided to take the plunge to go on her own and start her own massage business. I've never had one of her massages, but I'm sure they are top notch, and I wanted her to have a logo that would give that impression. We're working on some business cards, a postcard, and hopefully a website too. But if you're in Nashville and need a massage give her a call 615-542-8005.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Changin' and Rearrangin'

Following a somewhat unexpected (but also somewhat welcome) turn of events that went down yesterday, I will now be putting most of my energy, 85% or so, to developing a full time freelance graphic design business. This has actually been in the back of my mind for a while now, and it just so happens that I technically don't have a normal job anymore. So... perfect time to get started I say. I mean all the cool kids are doin it. Armin and Bryrony of the famed Underconsideration, Speak Up, and Brand New have jumped on this scary self-reliant band wagon, so why can't I. Ok, yes they are awesome designers that live in New York city and probably have ridiculous hookups, but... I gots the charm. Hopefully that will carry me.

I really want to focus on typography. I have always had a fondness for it, and have just recently realized that I love it. Spending countless hours finessing curves and lines in all its monotony is quite pleasant and relaxing.

My newly discovered love of type is due in part to a designer I've been following for over a year now, Marian Bantjes. Needless to say she's awesome (that's her work below, not mine).

So look out Nashville Design Scene, here I come.