Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bad Art... Worse Beer

The other night, we had some friends over to house. It was a laid back evening of Nintendo Wii, Cranium, and drinking. As you know it can get pricey to supply a get together of 10 people with alcohol of any kind, so we requested everybody bring at least chips or something. You always get a mixed bag, when throwing that request out there, so you can really complain about what you get, especially when it's for free. However I want to know if anyone actually likes Flying Dog beer. We had a 12 pack show up, and at least 6 of them are still in the fridge (the only beer left).

I recently was talking with a friend of mine who visited their brewery in Denver. He said he went just because it was something to do. I also believe him when he claimed that he told the people giving the tour that their beer was horrible. I can't remember if I high-fived him or not, but I should have. Seriously, I don't understand the mystique behind this beer. It tastes horrible, and I absolutely can't stand the labels. Yes I know who Ralph Steadman is, and I really like his work from the Hunter S. Thompson days, but every one of the Flying Dog labels is not only ugly but just annoying.

I mean check out these other two pieces by Ralph Steadman, they rock. I'm kinda glad these weren't wasted on such a substandard beer. Has Steadman simply passed his prime, or has he intentionally given a crappy product to a crappy beer?
Scathing comments to support either side will be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I agree about all of that. My favorite thing that he has done was for Fear and Loathing, but it is the actual menu for the DVD. It's a fixed shot of a blank piece of paper and basically all you see is slinging ink and his hands/brushes/nibs creating the logo before your eyes. He makes it look WAY too easy!

Also, this is hilarious:



Anonymous said...

Alex, dude, I will be sure to stay away from that stuff ... or maybe it's spoiled by light exposure, imprper storage,(heat,shaking.etc.)... or maybe it just sucks. Ditto on the art..

Alex Pearson said...

Well unless they leave it out in the sun right, and then shake each bottle at the brewery they have no excuse. Because I've tried quite a few of their beers and not enjoyed a single one.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I bought a mix pack of flying dog a while back and enjoyed it. Maybe you got a bad batch?

Coz said...

My brother bought some flying dog once. It was so bad!